Last Supper Review


Last Supper is a 2015 black comedy film written and directed by Param Gill. It stars Eddie Griffin, Josh Meyers, Najarra Townsend, Dave Vescio, Mindy Robinson and Penny Marshall.

The story revolves around two lunatics who escape a mental institution to make a film about finding a princess and being rewarded with a heroes kiss, not long after starting their search they find a working girl who Fumnanya is determined to make his princess, getting himself caught up with an angry pimp in the process.

The film plays out as a very Independent style National Lampoons with Eddie Griffin carrying the film from start to finish with hilarious outcomes and consequences on his quest to find his betrothed.


Mindy Robinson plays a great supporting role as Nurse Betty, treating the patients in the mental institution that Fumnanya (Griffin) and Andy (Meyers) break out of, even thou she predominantly features in the opening act of the movie, she still provides great comedic quality to the movie appearing very briefly in a few scenes later on to once again provide that much needed relief as the story takes a more serious tone.

Crude humor takes a central role here as we are reminded of the good old days of Eddie’s comedic genius and as the jokes come thick and fast you just cannot take your eyes off the screen.


As the comedy takes a back seat towards the second act it’s clear to see the emotional undertone of the movie once the working girl played by Najarra Townsend reveals a certain plan of hers that transforms the whole concept of the movie and really leads the script down a more serious path with bits of comedy thrown in for relief purposes.

As the film draws to it’s climax there is a heartbreaking scene that is done with such sensitivity and quality that it’s award worthy, a wonderfully acted scene and the end to a very enjoyable movie, that is filled with laughter, love and heart.

Please note that Last Supper will be retitled as Going to America for its theatrical release this summer.