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Lake Eerie revolves around a young widow (Kate) who moves into an old house by the lake to escape from her troubles.

The lake house has stood abandoned for over 40 years with the previous owner of the house (Harrison) a famous archaeologist who mysteriously vanished whilst on an expedition in Egypt.

As Kate spends a few nights in the house, she is soon haunted by a dark presence and is unsure whether the events that are happening are real or just a figment of her imagination.

Lake Eerie presents itself as a Horror but as the story progress’s it seems to open up its own genre within the Supernatural, the film constantly bounces between the two and it never seems to make its mind up which road its heading down and this is slightly distracting to the main storyline, but other than that, it’s the only problem I had with the entire movie!

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What started off as incredibly slow burning flick suddenly developed into a story I cared about and one that I was genuinely interested in watching. The look and feel of the movie reminded me of a classic Movie Mix film of choice, it looks great and the scores and composition add to the atmosphere superbly.

Meredith Majors carries the film as the lead and although in some parts appears wooden, relaxes considerably through the films runtime. Supported by the lovely Betsy Baker, Lance Hendriksen, Marilyn Ghigliotti and Anne Leigh Cooper the cast of Lake Eerie is very impressive on paper and on screen to match.

What surprised me most of all is that recently Lance Hendriksen won Best Actor at the Horrorhound film festival for Lake Eerie but he was only in the film for five minutes, now as good as Lance is, five minutes isn’t enough time for my popcorn to cook levermind award someone with a Best Actor award in a feature film! I personally thought Betsy Baker and the young Anne Leigh Cooper were far more deserving of this accolade as they were outstanding in their respective roles.

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Betsy plays the lovely Eliza, Kate’s next door neighbour and who’s grandniece (Is that a thing?) Autumn (Anne Leigh Cooper) is a fanatic of Harrisons work and is currently studying him for a research paper she is writing.

As the film bounces between supernatural Horror and Egyptology references the viewer is treated to a really old fashioned style movie, slow build ups, a nice little twist at the end and amazing music that carries you through the narrative and some solid acting from all of those involved.

Lake Eerie is a chilling supernatural tale that pays homage to classic Horror and I was thoroughly impressed with it.


  • Pupu Platter says:

    Dude, you must’ve been drunk when you watched this piece of, well, film-making; the acting and directing were so horrible that it made every scene almost incomprehensibly ridiculous. You’re either deaf and blind or a friend of the director. Bottom line: I wish MST3000 was still here ’cause this bomb would make a hilarious candidate. So bad it was unreal.

  • Anonymous says:

    B Movies should have their own rating system im tired of watching this kind of rubbish that gets a high review because of clearly biased reviewing. I get theres a “its so bad its good” thing going on but i dont want to be part of it, there are so many excellent directors who can make half decent movies out of zero budgets so maybe hold all directors to a higher standard instead of congratulating poor work?

  • Back to the Movies says:

    Hello Pupu Platter.. 🙂 don’t let our extreme alcohol consumption issues distract away from the fact that we liked this film for what it was. It’s something different and respect must go out to all those involved for trying something that we personally could not achieve on such a low budget.

  • Pistol Pete says:

    Just watched it and enjoyed it. It was low budget but it did some new and interesting things for a “Haunted House” movie. The acting and directing were better than most low budget indies, not sure what some of these comments are talking about. There was no shaky cam nonsense that seems all to prevalent in modern horror films. I wish Lance had a bigger part, although Betsy Baker stole the show for me.

  • Matthew Baddock says:

    This was an average movie, not terrible, not great. If you watch a lot of low budget indies you should enjoy it. If you never watch indies, you probably won’t like it.

  • Kelly says:

    don’t even bother watching this. the acting is TERRIBLE. hour and a half of my life wasted, that I will never get back, watching this crap

  • amazing says:

    Ok… everyone, please just watch the movie. It is GOD AWFUL… the first 15 min were promising and then it just went horribly downhill. It literally had me and the lady in tears at how ridiculous some of the stuff in there was… we were tricked by the good reviews and were excited at the possibility of finally finding a decent new horror film. This one was special and we still make jokes about it from time to time. This is why I have to recommend that YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT. Just beyond ridiculous… 3 min of research after being dumbfounded on its high ratings revealed it was written, produced, so on, all by people who were related (the most prominent the husband and wife), and they had some sort of social media campaign thing by all the family, friends, and those involved to artificially prop up the rating numbers.

    If you worked on this film, can you just get real and admit that it is garbage? Too many things in there that were just over the top, and I am thinking of starting a fanpage or some group where people can share their favorite moments for a few laughs. Mine is the flashback love scene with the girl and the “dead” boyfriend… standing in front of a cliche barn and old pickup truck, lame love talk… then the scene abruptly cuts and it is now dark and the girl is screaming while the bf is being carried away, apparently by some accident that killed him… no explanation, but the “firefighter” takes off her helmet and looks like a blonde playboy bunny.

    Oh… and I love how the whole movie these girls are going on and on about how handsome and wonderful and amazing this lost explorer dude is… then we see him, and its like wtf… find out later, he is the writer/director/producer and is married to the “main actress” who seems like she inherited some money and decided she wanted to make movies with is. BIG MISTAKE SWEETHEART.

  • Lea-Ann says:

    Hilariously terrible.

  • ArKay says:

    Utter shite, only watched it because of the relatively good IMDb score.

    Looks like someone had bought 4000 positive ratings, judging from the distribution of votes on that movie. I gave it a 3/10 myself.

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