Krampus Maze Review at Universal Studios Hollywood


Sadly not every maze is a home run at any haunted house or theme park. Krampus was a maze that definitely threw me through a loop because while the film was fun it wasn’t the type of maze that fit in with the classic horror movie vibe that feature iconic characters.

While it’s certainly not a bad maze by any means it’s just so bright in there and the rooms are so big that it just doesn’t feel scary. The maze does stay true to the film but it does do some things that other mazes don’t. The big gingerbread scene plays out here well as the room smells like gingerbread and cold air blows often.

You could tell it was the least liked of the mazes as I’ve gone 6 times this year and while some wait times are well over 2 hours it’s never over an hour over at little ol Krampus. There’s also a lot less scare actors in this maze.

Check out the walkthrough video courtesy of Theme Park Reviews:

Tomorrow I will tackle The Texas Chainsaw Massacre maze which will definitely turn the heat up and I’ll certainly have more to say about it then I did Krampus.