Knock Knock Review

So what would you do if these two lovely ladies came knocking at your door, late at night and soaking from the rain outside? You’d let them in right? C’mon guys you know you would, stop kidding yourself.


The rules of Knock Knock are simple, knock on a door, seduce the married man in the house and if he gives in, make him pay. The scary simple premise that is Eli Roth’s latest 50 Shades of Grey meets the bunny boiling Fatal Attraction.

Keanu Reeves stars as Evan, a down to earth dad who has to work at home on a project that stops him going away with his wife and kids for a weekend away. Late at night, Evan receives a knock at the door and opens it to find two beautiful ladies — Bel (Ana de Armas) and Genesis (Lorenza Izzo) — claiming to be lost. Evan invites them in to warm up and what follows next is a captivating raunchy game of cat and mouse with Evan taking center stage as a prisoner of his own sexual desires.


Now we can’t blame Evan, if these beautiful girls were at my door Id be letting them in, offering them drinks and good conversation too but my oh my does this film grab you by the short and curly’s and hook you in from the onset.

The easiest premise to even comprehend has you well and truly captivated, what on earth will happen? What twist is coming next? What on earth is the motive behind their actions? It’s just beautifully done and Keanu, Ana and Lorenza light up the screen with action in more ways than one.



A superbly brilliant and seductive movie that reels you in, grabs on tight and never lets go.