Kirsten Dunst: “I Give Directors Chances All The Time, Especially Female Directors”


In a forthcoming interview on Virgin Radio with Edith Bowman, Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst provides valuable insight into how she chooses which roles to accept from the numerous scripts that she is offered.

She said: “I’m director driven – I don’t care what the role is, I really don’t. As long as it’s a director that I believe in then I will go there, because I know that everyone that they put around them, whoever collaborates on the film, will be working just as hard. So I just want to work with the best people creatively that I can. But then I also give chances to directors all the time…like, I’ve done so many first time directors – especially female directors.”

When asked about her musical interests and what music reminds her of her childhood, Kirsten answered: “REM…and Guns N’ Roses. I just listened to whatever my Mum listened to…like the Les Mis soundtrack. And I remember a lot of Candle in the Wind! Me and my girlfriend, she had long dark curly hair, so I’d be Axel and she’d be Slash, and we’d rock out in the mirror.”

Hear the full interview with Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst on the Edith Bowman breakfast show on Virgin Radio, this Wednesday 6th April, from 6-10am.