Kick Ass Crates – November Box Review

Subscription Box

Thanks to Pete at Kick Ass Crates for sending me over November’s box to review!

Priced at £24.99 a month Kick Ass Crates is trying to stand out from the saturated subscription box market by including items that you’ll actually find useful rather than the constant crap that most boxes throw in to make up the numbers that will inevitably gather dust on any shelf you see fit.

In October’s box they had a Captain Phasma mug from Star Wars alongside a Batman coaster, a funko mini-pop keychain, an Iron Man book and a T-Shirt. All items you’d get some benefit out of and in my eyes October’s crate was substancially better value than November’s crate.

November’s crate included the following items below:


The quality of items were great, but the Doctor Strange item was built up to be the best item in the box and it turned out to be a smallest keyring a mere human could carry.

The value of the items also came into question (Items valued at £50 for a £24.99 a month cost). I couldn’t find £24.99 worth of value in this particular box let alone £50 so i’m sure something went wrong there.

Maybe December’s block will make up for it.

So all in all the items were great (bar the keychain) they were useful and you’d get a lot of use out of them particularly with the trivia, perfect for parties or to pass the time on journeys, and the book. The value for money however was virtually zero this time round but the items more than make up for this and hopefully Kick Ass Crates can turn it around on the next one.

December’s crate will include an Odeon cinema gift voucher so grab yourself a trip to the cinema this Christmas and order December’s Kick Ass Crate HERE