An Incoherent Mess; Keep Watching Review

Keep Watching Review

Keep Watching is more of an endurance test than a movie. You sit down, put the DVD into the player and see how long you can watch this heap of trash until you want to tear your eyes out of your sockets.

Keep Watching revolves around a family on a 10-day trip who get caught up in a home invasion scenario where their torture and capture is streamed in-front in a live audience.

Keep Watching Review

Starring Bella Thorne, Iaon Gruffudd, Natalie Martinez, Leigh Whannell and Chandler Riggs Keep Watching really is unoriginal trash. I can’t for the life of me remember the last time I watched such a terrible movie. Everything contained within the movie isn’t new or original and the main plot of the movie (having the torture streamed to a live online audience) is hardly shown or referenced whatsoever. Imagine watching Lord of the Rings and on the DVD case of the film, it says Frodo takes the ring to Mordor on a long quest blah blah blah. But then when you play the movie you don’t see any of that, you see Elves playing football for 90 minutes whilst Frodo is supposedly on his quest without it being hinted at or discussed. That’s Keep Watching.

The film gets so hilariously bad that I start making justifications as to what may actually be going on. Many of the poorly lit shots in the movie are taken from the surveillance cameras dotted around the family home. I’m starting to think that because the public audience who are watching these killings aren’t mentioned in any shape or form, I start to think if we (the people at home watching the movie) are in fact the audience. Suddenly I start going all Inception on this particular theory as it’s keeping my brain occupied during this 90-minute shit-fest

It’s poorly shot, poorly acted and not even Leigh Whannell can save it. The whole premise of the movie and our obsession with social media and technology isn’t even discussed, shown or explored. We as an audience are speculating when the movie will actually begin and sadly, it never arrives and I can’t be bothered to ‘keep watching’ because even as the credits rolled. I still haven’t seen a film worth watching.

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