Justin Lin to Direct Final Fast & Furious Movie?

Justin Lin & Vin Diesel

Justin Lin has directed four installments in the Fast & Furious franchise but passed on the chance to direct Furious 7, so he could work on Star Trek Beyond.

Could he make a possible return? Vin Diesel sure seems to think so in this very positive speech he gave to Wired.

“I’m going to bring him back,” Diesel says, when asked if Lin will direct the finale. “Whenever we had a day off—even on Thanksgiving, his favorite holiday—it was Justin and me working on how far we could take it. Success comes from 10 years of that mentality.”

Lin, who says he works Thanksgivings because he’s thankful that his father only ever took that one day off, laughs when I ask him if it’s true.

“Vin says you finish what you started,” he says, “and he’s very persuasive.” – Wired

That last line sounds like a Dominic Toretto line to me.