It’s A Good Watch. But Only the Once. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle Review.

Jumanji welcome to the jungle review

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle tells the tale of 4 high-school kids who get sucked into a video game version of the infamous board game Jumanji. As our group of heroes arrive in the jungle they take on new avatar bodies. The jock of the group (Ser’ Darius Blain) has turned into his avatar who is a zoologist played by Kevin Hart, our group nerd is now tough-guy Dwayne Johnson, Our shy girly nerd (Morgan Turner) is now a kickass man slayer named Ruby Roundhouse (Karen Gillan) and finally we have our ‘head in her phone’ popular girl (Madison Iseman) who has turned into cryptographer played by Jack Black. Jack Black steals every scene in this movie and proves to be the funniest character by a country mile.

Jumanji 2017


As our dysfunctional group enter the world of Jumanji, each person is gifted with three lives. It is there quest to find a jewel that has cursed the land and return it to it’s rightful place atop a Jaguar shaped mountain and restore peace amongst Jumanji and it’s people. Whilst attempting this one man (Bobby Cannavale) wants his jewel back as he rules over the cursed Jumanji with evil intention.

Jumanji welcome to the jungle review

With some cool fight scenes mixed with hilarity throughout Jumanji is actually a fun little flick to watch. What bothers me the most is that this script is almost non-existent. The movie feels rushed and in places just feels so empty and poorly done. Thank god for Jack Black as no other character is allowed to evolve or grow in any shape or form. I was expecting Kevin Hart’s character to rise above all else and provide the comedic backbone but his character feels almost like a background character as every spotlight is trying to shine light on Dwayne Johnson and his people’s eyebrow. Thankfully unlike most of Dwayne’s movies it doesn’t become the one-man Johnson show. Jack Black comes in on his mighty steed and commands his role of playing a spoilt female brat with professional ease.

a good time in places but rather placid and dull everywhere else.

A great movie to takes the kids to see (albeit with a few curse words here and there). A real rampantly cheesy good time, but only the one time. It’s certainly not a movie you’d want to watch again or be eager to rush to the stores to pickup. It should certainly not be compared to the original as it would lose horribly every single time but it isn’t a bad movie, although it’s certainly not a good one either.

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