Joe Walser has ‘No Concept of Time’

No Concept of Time a brand new web-series that revolves around Joe Walser and the time machine restoration team who restored the Screen-Used DeLorean from Back to the Future. Think Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest fused with a Back to the Future aura and that’s what No Concept of Time is all about! It shines brigher than those DeLorean headlights in the image above. My eyes.. GREAT SCOTT!

In the first of many episodes Joe is joined by author and Restoration team member Rob Klein as they both get to work on Issue #1 of the Build Your Own Back to the Future DeLorean model kit from Eaglemoss which includes the famous OUTATIME license plate. Every step of the way the build is being compared to the full-sized car they pain-stakingly put together which is really informative to watch gives us a more personal insight into what it was like building the real thing whereas the documentary OUTATIME was more of a glossy over-view with less of the blood, sweat and tears that no doubt came with it.

Time Restoration Team with BTTF Producer Bob Gale

Joe and Rob discuss the Restoration and give us some insider information on the car itself. I’m really looking forward to seeing if they last the full expected 130 issue run / episodes as it’s a lot of fun and they’re looking to introduce members of the Back to the Future cast for interviews and more in future episodes.

I’m stressed out just building the model version so the fact that these guys can even stand to look at another DeLorean project (however small) is a true testament to their love of the franchise.

Take a look at the awesome debut episode below!

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