JJ Abrams Back For Episode IX

Episode IX

Expected to be released in December 2019 Star Wars: Episode IX will see the return of JJ Abrams. The Force Awakens director will co-write, co-produce and direct the movie with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy saying “JJ delivered everything we could have possibly hoped for” in the earlier instalment, and she was excited he was returning to “close out this trilogy”.

The announcement was made on Twitter by Walt Disney Studios, which owns Lucasfilm, on Friday.

Let’s just hope that JJ’s approach to Star Wars IX is a bit more out of the box in comparison to The Force Awakens which was pretty much a scene by scene rehash of an older Star Wars movie and quite frankly a poor addition to the franchise. Let’s hope lessons have been learned and lazy storytelling takes a back seat to make way for some genuinely new and interesting concepts to the Star Wars universe (Don’t get me started on Rogue One).


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