Jason Bourne Review


Jason Bourne is a bad ass. Let’s just get that out of the way. There has been many action franchises over the years and with so many action films today I can’t help but feel the action genre has been very been there, done that. I think Mission Impossible is a very good example of a franchise that continues to switch it up and really go all out with its set pieces but you really can’t deny the sheer simplicity of a dude that can just kick your butt.

That man is Jason Bourne. In 2002 I went into The Bourne Identity thinking this will be just another action film. I had no idea that they would just begin to create a world here that would lead into technically, three sequels and a semi spinoff. I’m going to be very brief when it comes to this installment because they’ve done a brilliant job of marketing the film without giving too much away at all. Bourne is living in hiding and he doesn’t seem too happy about being sidelined, but can’t do much about it since there’s really nothing left for him to figure out and the CIA is hunting him down. Julia Stiles makes a critical and important return to the franchise. At the very start of the film she begins to unravel secrets about the Bourne project and Treadstone. When a shocking discovery is made she feels she must let Bourne in on a big cover up. Here the action ensues and it doesn’t let up for 2 hours. Bourne must travel abroad once again to finally find out a long last secret about his identity and discover things we thought were true that were not true from the very beginning. This all leads into a huge 40 minute finale in Las Vegas at the Aria hotel that delivers on every level for action fans. Tommy Lee Jones was a nice new addition to the cast. When secrets are revealed to Bourne he poses a threat to him because he’s planning on creating a new turbo charged version of Treadstone which is Bourne’s side mission to stop.

The best thing about Jason Bourne is that he’s back and with a vengeance. He’s like this caged animal that’s been let loose and he is not holding back. The story that was created here was brilliant. I’m a huge fan of sequels that always find a way to go back to the beginning. What’s great about the franchise as a whole is Bourne has been on this same mission for years now. It’s a linear story that continues on not like Tom Cruise just trying to do the Impossible over and over again. Here the film in my opinion completes this story with total satisfaction which is quite rewarding after almost 15 years.

So let’s talk the action here. Matt Damon may very well be my favorite action star of today. The fighting choreography, especially in hand to hand combat is just unreal. I rarely point out the score but holy moly it’s great. Bourne films tend to offer a variety of action. You have your car chases, combat fights, foot chases, and then things just blowing up. It’s all covered. It’s very rare the movie takes a pause except right before the big finale. The film also doesn’t try to be that super hi tech action film where all these gizmos and gadgets seem to do whatever is fitting for the characters to get to the next big scene. It’s slick and it’s smooth.
I don’t have any real complaints on the film. It does drag for a bit towards the end but that’s only to set up the big finale and really do Bourne justice. I’m fairly certain this will be the last time Matt Damon plays Jason Bourne and to be honest I was not that pleased with Jeremy Renner. I think this entry comes in a very close second for me right behind Ultimatum. That Julia Stiles foot chase in the third film is just too good. It’s also nice to see Julia return and in such a big way.
I highly recommend the film guys. They’ve really spent 15 years superbly crafting a character and brought him back one last time to really do something not only fun but very interesting and I promise you will not be disappointed when some long lost secrets are finally revealed. The film also never goes anywhere near convoluted, where so many action films go nowadays. It works simply because it’s slick and somewhat simplistic. You also might want to rewatch the films again as vital information in those is important here. You can skip the Jeremy Renner one. The movie packs one hell of a punch and I’m certain everyone will enjoy the ride!
Review by Kory Davis