James Gunn Holds Thors Hammer. Internet Explodes

James Gunn Thors Hammer

James Gunn has a habit of posting the smallest detail on his social media pages for a news outlet to blow it up times a million and insist on something that just wasn’t there in the first place. But this latest upload even has me confused.

There are no plans in place to have any of the Avengers in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 but as it stands, Thor isn’t a current Avenger.. could he be making an appearance in the sequel? Could Thors hammer be making an appearance hinting at future movies? Or is James Gunn just hanging a really large picture up with his Asgardian hammer?

So I’m not going to jump to speculation, the hint only intrigued me enough to write this very short post, but as you can see James is indeed holding the Mjolnir and that doesn’t look like a cheap Walmart replica to me, that looks production made and soon to be production used.