Jack Bauer racks up quite an NHS bill !

Jack is back with the Blu-ray and DVD release 24: Live Another Day and to celebrate the occasion we’ve taken a look back at all the scrapes, scars and injuries the man himself his accumulated over more than 13 years of being a hero for a fun ‘Jack Bauer Injury Infographic’.

Turns out the cost of saving the day is quite high and after being knocked over by an explosion eight times, inhaling toxic gas twice, being punched in the face nineteen times and even being bitten on the hand by a henchman once it’s no wonder he’s racked up a $1,000,000 medical bill!

To help tot up Jack’s total damage over the years we’ve worked with Dr. Joe Taylor at Candesic, the healthcare consultancy, who’ve put together the following fun facts:

  • If treated by the NHS, Jack would have generated medical costs in excess of £280,000 pounds which would take the average UK resident, more than 140 years to rack up a comparable bill in the NHS.
  • In total, Jack would have spent 573 hours (23.9 days) waiting to be seen in A&E, which is nearly 300% longer than the duration of all the action packed days we’ve seen depicted on the screen.
  • If he was unlucky enough to be treated in the States, he’d be faced with a jaw-dropping 1.1 million dollar bill. You’d have to work 5,092 twenty-four hours shifts at US minimum wage to earn that amount.
  • Jack would have spent 52 hours in an MRI scanner and have been exposed to 626 milli-sieverts of radiation from CTs.
  • Statistically, Jack should have been dead 2.8 times over already by the end of season 8.
  • If Jack survived all this physical trauma, he’d likely be left with a hefty PTSD hangover costing an astonishing $16,000 every year at Jack’s nearest Los Angeles psychotherapist!



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