Jaakhin Kickstarter


Steven and his company Greenway Entertainment has set up a new crowdfunding campaign to raise enough money to get The Jaakhin into production. Perk prices range from £3 all the way to £5000 to meet all budgets, all perks are very reasonable in price and include things like merchandise, digital downloads and credits in the movie. There is definitely something for every budget here, and if you want to support UK Horror and look at helping a truly independent British film then this is it!

The film has had voiced support from The Conjuring director James Wan, Actress Lin Shaye and Hollywood star Justin Sands.

After the Indiegogo fell short, the campaign has gone to Kickstarter to raise funds. UK horror films seem to do incredibly poorly on crowdfunding campaigns and we’d love for that to change! Please take a look at the campaign below


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