Its Playtime !

Newly restored in 4K, STUDIOCANAL’s PlayTime will receive a UK reissue on 7 November. Considered by many to be Jacques Tati’s masterpiece, PlayTime is a perfectly orchestrated city symphony. Shot on 70mm on a huge constructed set of concrete, glass and steel, the film was the most ambitious project Tati ever took on. Now diligently restored in-line with the filmmaker’s particular, perfectionist approach, audiences can once again enjoy the expansive scope of his comic vision. The master of French comedy will be further celebrated through a special season at BFI Southbank taking place between October and November, featuring new restorations of his entire œuvre.
Monsieur Hulot has a job interview – but before he can worry about impressing his future employer, he’ll need to find them first. Landing in a reimagined modernist Paris, he has to navigate endless corridors, slippery floors, sinking chairs, sliding doors and misleading reflections in a high-tech corporate labyrinth where organised chaos reigns and Hulot sticks out as a misaligned cog in the machinery of modern life. Bumping into old war comrades and a cute American tourist along the way, Hulot leaves the office block behind and finds himself guest of honour at the opening of Paris’ newest (and worst) restaurant – an eatery so fresh the builders haven’t even left yet!
STUDIOCANAL’s PlayTime returns to cinemas from 7 November in a new 4K restoration, opening at BFI Southbank as part of a wider Jacques Tati season. It will screen in the French Film Festival UK this November and in selected cinemas nationwide.

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