It’s Not Yet Dark Narrated by Colin Farrell

It's Not Yet Dark

It’s Not Yet Dark, narrated by Colin Farrell, is a documentary film about the Irish filmmaker and bestselling author Simon Fitzmaurice, who, despite his ALS illness, directed an award-winning film with his eyes.The debut film by Irish director Frankie Fenton has been selected as part of the Cinema Versa strand of remarkable documentaries at the Leeds International Festival from 13th to 15th November. From  today, 13th November, the film is available in the UK as VoD on Sky, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Prime and Microsoft.

The Story is told by Colin Farrell and contains excerpts from Simon Fitzmaurice’s autobiographical bestseller. The film accompanies him as he directs his first feature-length film despite the disease – with the use of the last body part he can still consciously control: his eyes.

IT’S NOT YET DARK is a production of Newgrange Pictures and Kennedy Films Dublin, Ireland.

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