IT’s Kicking Ass At The Box Office

IT movie

Whilst the summer wasn’t a great summer in terms of movies being financially successful it was up to the horror genre to step up and show the world how it’s done. Jordan Peele’s get Out and M. Night Shyamalan’s awesome movie Split both soared above $250 million worldwide. Annabelle: Creation toppled $300m!

The first news from IT shows that the film could topple $100 million during its opening weekend alone. Other reports state that the film has actually made $117m just in the states. Early Sunday morning estimates have the worldwide gross at around $179 million. For a horror film that is damn impressive despite it’s mostly positive (if albeit mid range) reviews.

I don’t feel like I’ve boarded the IT hype train just yet, many outlets are saying it’s not scary, it’s too CGI heavy and it gets a little disconnected after a while. Whilst other outlets have written rave reviews and praised it as one of the best horror films ever made (questionable). It’s nice to see such a divide and it allows me to make my own mind up when seeing it for myself. I’m in no rush to watch it as I’m quite against remakes and sequels and all that other nonsense but I’ll get around to it eventually.

This total shows that horror movies need to step to the front of the stage. Money is there to be made and there is a great demand for the next best horror movie to potentially scare the shit out of you. I think we’re looking at a horror genre revival based on this year’s insanely successful flicks.


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