It could be you!

it-could-happen-to-youWithout being an overly dramatic movie, “It Could Happen to You” is a sweet comedy and a great choice for Valentine’s Day or other romantic occasions. If you find the story inspirational, how about following the dream with a lottery ticket bought online on theLotter? But, let’s first see what it is all about!

On a first impression, “It Could Happen to You” is the story of an ordinary couple – Charlie Lang (starred by Nicholas Cage) and his wife, Muriel (Rosie Perez). Charlie is a resourceful cop who loves his job, and does it with patience and common sense. He lived happily in Queens, where he was born and lived all his life, but this was not the case for his wife. A hairdresser, Muriel complains about her husband’s lack of ambition and his stubbornness to wear the uniform.


A third character in the movie, Yvonne is a waitress, who has just received some bad news – she owes $12.000 on her MasterCard, expenses incurred by the husband she’s about to divorce.

How do their paths cross? Except that they live in a city where people pray every day for miracles? Apparently there is nothing to connect them… Yet!

In order to escape his wife’s nagging, Charlie stops to buy a lottery ticket and have a coffee with his partner, but he has no money for the tip. So, he makes a promise to the waitress: if he wins the lottery, he will share the prize with her; if he doesn’t win, he will return the following day to give her a proper tip.

005246_15As luck has it, Charlie gets the numbers right, even though he did not use the numbers Muriel had prepared for him. An honest guy, for whom “a promise is a promise”, Charlie decides to split the win with Yvonne, the waitress. Believing at first that Charlie is playing tricks, the latter will soon understand that all her problems are over now: she can afford a divorce lawyer, she can cover the credit card debt and even afford a better life.

What does life after a lottery win feel like? As you very well know it from all the stories featured by the media, it is all up to the winner’s personality. Some go on with their life, adding just a touch of luxury to it, feeling happy they don’t have to deal with financial worries, mortgage and credit card overdraft anymore. This is the case for Yvonne, and this is what Charlie would like to do. However, this is not what his wife thinks. Muriel is a real spender: from clothes and jewelry, to house renovations, she wants it all. On the other hand, she is very disappointed by Charlie’s charitable tendency.



As the gap between Muriel and Charlie gets bigger, he starts to understand how much he and Yvonne are alike. As if hitting the jackpot was not enough, Muriel asks for a divorce, stating that she has wings and she’s willing to fly. Kicked out by his wife, Charlie is heading to a hotel. Trying to escape her abusive husband who came running back home the moment he smelled the money, Yvonne is heading in the same direction. Things seems to be less complicated for the two lottery winners from this point on.

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