Is There Room for One More – Halloween 3D?



Is there a story for a 3rd Film in Rob Zombie’s Reboot? 

Over the past two nights, I decided to sit down and rewatch Rob Zombie’s reimagined Halloween plus its sequel; Halloween 2. After viewing them straight after another, I sat and thought to myself;

“Is there a story for a 3rd Film in the Rob Zombie’s reboot?”

Before we get in deep into the discussion of 3rd possible story, let’s just remind ourselves of the story of the first two films.

After being committed for 17 years, Michael Myers, now a grown man and still very dangerous, escapes from the mental institution (where he was admitted as a 10 year old) and he immediately returns to Haddonfield, where he wants to find his baby sister, Laurie. Anyone who crosses his path is in mortal danger.

Actress Scout Taylor-Compton arrives at the premiere of Halloween in Hollywood

The story continues when Laurie struggles to come to terms with her brother Michael’sdeadly return to Haddonfield, Illinois. In the meantime, Michael prepares for another reunion with his sister, ending in a bloodbath and the twist which makes it possible for a third film but what possible route will it go.

It’s already been reported that Rob Zombie will not be directing the next film in series which is a great shame but hopefully whoever takes the on the challenge consults with Rob Zombie, so the film keeps it’s dark theme.

Now if you haven’t seen the film now comes the spoiler part so if you haven’t seen it don’t read but if you have then you don’t need to worry.

In the end sequence of H2, Myers takes and holds Laurie hostage in a derelict cabin which then leads to a standoff with Haddonfield’s police department. Samuel Loomis (Michael’s psychologist) catches breathe of the standoff with Myers and once catches breathe of Laurie’s capture, heads straight to the scene.

After reading Loomis’s comments on the murders which had occurred in Haddonfield previously and the death of Annie (Sheriff Bracket’s daughter) Sheriff Bracket didn’t care much to see Loomis at the scene, after arguing for a couple of minutes, Bracket asks Loomis to leave. While he adjusts his jacket, Loomis runs to the door of the cabin.

Upon opening the cabin door, he sees Laurie struggling on the floor and Myers staring at him. What he can’t see is Laurie’s episode, or what’s she’s seeing, while Loomis says there isn’t anyone there; in Laurie’s; Young Michael and her mother and standing around Laurie, performing somewhat of a welcome initiation to the Myers family (This is where the good story outline first starts for me), after trying to reason with Myer’s about releasing Laurie, they both crash through the wall of the cabin, where Myer’s stabs Loomis.

Once Laurie emerges from the cabin, still in a dream state with her mother standing next to her, she proceeds to pick up the knife of her brother. Walking forwards with knife in hand out of the blue, the police fire upon her.  The camera pans into the face of her lifeless body when then there is a fade to a mental institution where she has been placed, just like her brother, when yet again she gives the slightest smiles as she sees a premonition of her mother.

IS THERE ROOM FOR ONE MORE?                                                                                  

I don’t want to write my whole idea because it’ll bore you to death, but I’ll give you just an outline on how another Halloween film could be produced.

First off, As long as Scout Taylor-Compton reprises her role, I think you’re already on a winner, if you couldn’t have told, I’m a huge fan of her work. Let’s just turn the tables a little bit from here!

Now that her brother is dead and she has been admitted to the hospital, now it’s time for the sister to take charge.  This concept in itself could be a 3rd Film but you also have a new story that just opens a whole range of possibilities.

“Let’s see Laurie tear shit up!” 

Personally, I would love to the see the direction of the sister become a mass serial killer. a change like this could make it exciting. If you want to hear more of my views or opinions on this, please feel free to contact me, my information is below;

The whole point of this post was not just to listen to me waffle on but I wanted to get you, the readers involved.  So in the comments box below and leave a comment and tell your idea of a third story.

Thanks for Reading!  – Jamie

Written by Jamie Simms Published on 05/05/2014

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