Is the IMAX® Pre-Show Test Better Than the Movie?


So I took my seat in what was only my second IMAX® screening of all time and funnily enough the last movie I saw in IMAX was The Force Awakens and now I was back once again watching Star Wars: A Rogue One Story.

I’m no technical wizard and I haven’t looked into what cameras were used to shoot Rogue One but the IMAX® effect of Rogue One was virtually zero in comparison to when I watched The Force Awakens. I imagine this comment may be a ‘noob’ thing to say for budding cinematographers out there, but I have eyes, I know nothing about the technical aspects, I made a call.

The sound was perfect as per the high bar that IMAX® has set for their cinema’s but the video quality was dampened by the 3D glasses that were causing my eyes to cross every now and then making the picture blurry and dull. I’ve love to check out a 2D performance to really assess the quality of the image as the second those glasses went on, the picture darkened and I lost a whole lot of visual brightness, quality and vibrance.


Now only judging from the two films that i’ve seen I have a limited frame of reference here so I’ve joined forces with a PR agency for IMAX® and will be seeing many more IMAX® movies in 2017 to fully expand my knowledge and viewing-base of IMAX® movies.

The one thing that I thought in both viewings was that the pre-show IMAX® test video not only blew me away in terms of it’s visual and audio potential but it was miles better than anything that I had seen and heard in both of the films I watched. During the pre-show (see video below) a plane takes off on-screen and you can hear the bellow of the engines as your seat vibrates with audio orgasmic rage in the theatre. It is truly breathtaking. In addition to the test-video a trailer of Dunkirk (seen in 2D without the glasses) was played in the theatre and The sound of the planes roaring over-head, every noise, every emotion heightened with audio and visual beauty, I never wanted that trailer to end and I’m not even a big fan of war films!

Please note that obviously the video above isn’t going to sound like anything even comparable to an IMAX® theatre. Your Beats, Bose, Apple or poundshop earphone / headphones just won’t cut it.

The moment Star Wars came on and we’re back to a normal audio experience that didn’t blow me away in any shape or form. The pre-show beat the entire movie in terms of audio and visual quality

Is it just me who thinks this? Maybe so. I’d love to know what everyone else thinks of the IMAX® pre-show.