Is James Bond The Ultimate Card Player

James Bond Card Skills

Moving on from yesterday’s article about our favourite bikes from the James Bond films we now take a look at James Bond the person and his skill of being good at just about everything!

Is there anyone out there who has more luck or skill in a casino than James Bond? The secret agent isn’t in casinos in every instalment of the movie franchise but when he is, he seems to always have luck on his side, or is he just a highly skilled card game player? As new 007 films are announced, some fans are left wondering whether they will see a casino scene in the latest offering and there’s a reason for this too. Casinos have been the setting for some of the more memorable Bond scenes, why not try your luck for real at Unibet Casino – the most trusted UK casino.

James Bond Card Skills

Let’s face it, Bond has been an expert card player from the off. 007 creators Ian Fleming made James Bond a talented Chemin-de-fer player. Chemin-de-fer is the original version of Baccarat. So you could say it was always Fleming’s plan for the secret agent to excel in casinos and for them also to be the setting for some of the greatest Bond memories. It isn’t just Chemin-de-fer 007 excels at, he does take part in other casino games such as poker throughout the film series.

In terms of Bond films, the very first screen adaptation of Ian Fleming’s books, Dr No, sees the secret agent playing his favoured game, Chemin-de-fer, in a London based club. It’s a very memorable scene as not only is Bond busy in the casino, viewers also hear the famous line: ‘Bond, James Bond.’ It was a sign of things to come…

James Bond Card Skills

Other 007 instalments such as Thunderball, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Diamonds Are Forever, The Man With The Golden Gun, Goldeneye, Casino Royale and Skyfall all featured well-remembered and revered casino scenes. They often saw the secret agent face off against the most dangerous villain around or in an attempt to attract a woman, which of course he was also well known for. There is one similarity that rings true throughout all the casino scenes, he always won and won big too.

Casino Royale, as you can probably guess by the name, is the Bond film that really has a casino in mind more than others. A few games of Texas Hold’em take place and these aren’t just scene fillers, they are integral to the plot of the film. Large parts of the film are actually based at the casino and once again viewers see 007 take on the main villain, in this case, Le Chiffre.

James Bond Card Skills

Even when the odds are against James Bond both inside and outside of the casino, he always comes up trumps. He wins and wins big. You could say he is the ultimate card player as he never seems to lose, no matter what game is being played. It wouldn’t be right for someone of 007’s stature to be seen losing in a casino anyway; everyone would expect him to win, no matter what.

Article in co-operation with Markus Green

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