Interstellar Review

Christopher Nolan returns with a Sci-Fi behemoth that will blow you away!

Interstellar posterAs Blockbusters go, they don’t come much grander or more ambitious than Interstellar.

Christopher Nolan’s trip into the realms of Science Fiction follows the only rules he knows…his own.

Stunning visuals, mind scrambling concepts and high emotional stakes intertwine to form a sensational cinematic experience.

Earth – in the near future mankind is a husk of its former self. Crops are failing, food is running out and extinction is imminent.

Here we find farmer and retired pilot, Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) A widower looking after his two children.


When Cooper is recruited for a mission to save humanity he must leave everything behind for a chance at finding a new home for those he loves most.

In many ways Interstellar is as much an exploration of cinema as it’s the galaxy. Like his protagonists,Nolan once again pushes the boundaries for a film of this budget and expectation.

He merges big ideas (courtesy of theoretical physicist Kip Thorne) with his own love of a twisting interwoven plot that even without its 169 minute running time could be in danger of alienating his audience.

Although part of Interstellar’s wonder is how it never languishes.

Cinematographer, Hoyte van Hoytema beautifully visualises the darkest, unknown depths of the universe, which to look at feel as if you’re being swept up and carried away.

interstellar still

In terms of Nolan’s good old ‘Twist Factor’ Interstellar is not as tightly pieced together as its predecessor Inception.

Instead it relies much more on its anchoring central relationship between a father and his daughter that helps ground the drama.

The bond of Cooper and Murph (portrayed by Mackenzie Foy and later Jessica Chastain) transcends some of them more high-minded scientific ideals that are being played with.

anne hathaway - Interstellar

With this in mind, even as Nolan focuses on Earth’s depleted resources, He chooses to examine the importance of a far more precious treasure, one we can never get back…time.

Similarly to Inception he shows the importance of every second to someone who can only watch as it slips through his fingers.

For all Interstellar’s breathtaking visuals and scientific aspirations It also carries a real heart that stays with you long after it finishes – a simply enchanting adventure. By Tom Parry / @parry_tom

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