IMAX® Releases Exclusive Featurette For Captain America: Civil War


IMAX is the closest thing we have right now to a fully immersive experience. It surrounds you with sound quality, the image quality, the scale of the image; it just enhances your whole movie-going experience incredibly.”

Director, Joe Russo

IMAX provides a sneak peek at how directors Joe and Anthony Russo brought the movie to life. Featuring commentary from Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan on what fans can expect when experiencing Captain America: Civil War in the immersive IMAX format. 

Directors Joe and Anthony Russo shot the major 17-minute battle sequence of Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War with the new ALEXA IMAX® 65mm cameras. This marks the first film to use the new 2D digital cameras developed under the partnership between IMAX and ARRI. Only in IMAX® theatres will these sequences expand vertically to fill more of the screen, providing moviegoers with even greater scope and breathtaking image quality for a truly immersive experience.