Human Capital

Valeria Golina and Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, two of Italy’s leading actresses, star in Human Capital, a new thriller based on Stephen Amidon’s best-selling book of the same name that twists love, class, and ambition into a singular, true-life story. Human Capital also serves as Italy’s candidate for the foreign-language Academy Award race.

Small-time estate agent, Dino (Fabrizio Bentivoglio), seizes a chance to climb the local social-ladder when dropping his beautiful daughter Serena (Matilde Gioli) off to visit her boyfriend Massimiliano (Guglielmo Pinelli) – the son of Giovanni Bernaschi (Fabrizio Gifuni), a hot-shot hedge-fund investor, at a large villa on the edge of town. Making up the fourth man in a game of tennis doubles, his natural sporting ability and opportunistic eye provide him an unlikely entrance to a world where making money is both easy and fast. Depending on your access to the right amount of capital, that is. When Giovanni suggests Dino join his latest fund scheme, with a mere €500,000, Dino, is so desperate to be a part of the Bernaschi circle that he puts his own house and business up as collateral.

Human Capital

 When a cyclist is the victim of an accidental hit-and-run after a school awards ceremony one night just before Christmas the destinies of these two families are catastrophically interwoven and a mystery emerges from the accident that centres around the two misunderstood and emotionally neglected teenagers.  Coinciding with the sudden onset of the financial crisis – a situation that threatens the immediate security of the rich and aspiring-rich alike, cracks quickly start to emerge. From the rich and bored wife Carla (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi), with misguided aspirations of artistic patronage, this multi-layered human drama serves up an absorbing treatise on how the rich can ride roughshod over the ‘little people’ when their security is threatened.

Human Capital, is a gripping and thrilling drama with a mystery at its centre – who was driving the jeep that fateful night and what will the consequences be – for all involved?

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