How Would Romantic Films Play Out With Today’s Generation?

What would it be like if classic moments from silver screen romance happened today? The modern day world of social media, less face to face interaction and the limited array of options one has in an endless pit of choice. Would it play out just the same? Would smartphones get in the way? Could stumbling upon someone on Tinder really be the same as bumping into them in the street? Do grand gestures translate to the Instagram generation or would the leading lady be ghosted, and the hunk of the screen benched?

I wouldn’t say that romance is dead but dating apps and social media certainly don’t have many advantages to building a healthy relationship that I can think of. With that said and thanks to input from Satsuma we think romantic films playing out in a social media world would go a little like this:

Notting Hill

romantic movies in todays generation

You’ve got to move quick on Tinder when a famous celeb drops into your search area and Will did just that!

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

romantic movies in todays generation

A simple click of the block button and in the social media world, Sarah is all but forgotten. Kind of.

10 Things I Hate About You

romantic movies in todays generation

Having Patrick sing Can’t Take My Eyes Off You on WhatsApp may just be the most depressing out of all of these images. This needs to be done IN PERSON goddammit!

Jerry Maguire

romantic movies in todays generation

No groundwork needed, a simple message and he’ll have his dessert served by tea time. Classy.

Chasing Amy

romantic movies in todays generation

Just a simple message completely renders the entire movie useless.

Written by Pamela Badham

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