How Modern Tech Would Ruin Classic Movies

how tech could ruin classic movies

Only the other day we were discussing how technology would be adapted in the modern day rendering some of our beloved romantic movies useless. Now we take a look a broader range of films and how tech would have impacted a particular plot of a classic film.

Just think of the Titanic, sailing along unaware of a giant ice berg ahead. Had a radar been on-board this disaster would have been avoided and thus saving countless lives and making the Titanic film as we know it so much different and far less tragic.

how tech could ruin classic movies

No longer would a road trip movie without a map be much use with the incorporation of GPS. I can’t imagine little Frodo tracking through Middle Earth with Google maps leading him to Mordor. Nor can I imagine John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale meeting as romantically and as serendipitously if they were to match on Tinder or Plenty of Fish.

The guys over at Sunlife have compiled a small number of movies and how tech may have had a severe effect on the outcome of each particular film. It’s certainly an interesting theory as tech has well and truly taken over our lives with no slowing down in sight.


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