Horror Stock works in conjunction with several carefully selected and professional partners in horror to bring your vision to a wide and highly targeted audience. Their team have been working in genre-related promotions and marketing for several years gaining invaluable experience in the industry but also identifying some of the potential pitfalls associated with such an overpopulated market.

Back to the Movies is proud to be a part of Horror Stock and we are working in conjunction with Horror Asylum to bring Horror movies to their target audience. There are horror fans out there dying to see your next big idea and Horror Stock exposes them to all the great new horror content out there.

Take a look at the website as there is a whole host of various packages on offer to meet all budgets, expose your film to the audience that cares about it the most. Target your film to horror fans across the globe, get recognized, get noticed, get popular.

With Horror Stock you can leave it up to them to promote your movie whilst you concentrate on the most important part…creating your next great idea!