Horror Channel Celebrates Halloween In Style


To celebrate Halloween, there is a FrightFest Weekend special, a marathon of cinematic scares featuring sixteen of the best films from previous FrightFest events – including the UK TV premieres of V/H/S, a terrifying anthology pushing the genre in a fresh direction and Vincenzo Natali’s HAUNTER, where ‘Groundhog Day’ meets ‘The Others’ in a chilling reverse-ghost story. Also included are the network premieres of Tomas Alfredison’s remarkably moving and genuinely frightening vampire tale LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY, Richard Raaphorst’s inventive freak show of gore, guts and gunplay.

With a line up of films that include some absolute gems including: Donnie Darko, Frankenstein’s Army, 2002 Maniacs, Deadheads, Haunter, I Spit on Your Grave, Oldboy and many many more.

Check out the Horror Channel THIS Halloween

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