Hooligans at War North Vs South Review


After fighting overseas in the British Army, Chris & Johnny return to South London, only to find the place has changed. Chris and Johnny become feared Hooligan bosses who then fight their way to the top. The only thing that can top war and threaten friendship is Money and Power. Who stands their ground?

As indie as indie movies go, North Vs South looks incredibly low budget with blurry camera work including a variety of people walking infront of the camera and pan shots that cut people’s heads off! A wide range of questionable cinematography with incredibly poor color grading and audio that feels as thou this movie has been shot on a mobile phone, with some scenes requiring my non existant lip reading skills as the audio has now completely vanished.

However what the film lacks in professional visual quality it finds a somewhat redemption with an intriguing premise but all in all, that’s just about it other than a well acted voice-over at the start of the movie. The best bit about this movie is a voice-over, followed by the credits to indicate the film is finally and thankfully over.


As Chris and Johnny rise to power in this movie coupled with a Ray Winston style voice over narrating each cliché gang members name that feels as thou it has been plucked out of every Football Hooligan textbook and movie out there, it’s clear to see the bar has been set for this Hooligan movie and it has been placed at ground level.

Amongst the monotonous style, wading through the slow pacing there are moments of salvation. This movie can only be compared to watching Millwall, dull, boring and aching for it to finish, but the fight scenes and a particular scene in a strip club brought a little bit of West Ham to the proceedings. Professional, tidy, premier league.

The military scenes are watchable, they play out with more intensity than the rest of the movie and really add a nice little flashback to the story, they are well directed and this reason alone keeps me watching the full 80 minute duration.

North Vs South will never be a best seller but does sport a wonderful box cover. It’s like a group of rough looking gentleman got together and said hey, let’s make a movie!

I’m sure it’ll be a popular bargain bin film of choice from the cover alone, I credit the team for putting in the effort and hours it takes to make a movie but maybe spend a bit longer perfecting the basics and this film could easily be salvaged.