Holy Motors (2012) Review

Holy Motors Review

I’ve seen Holy Motors a few times. I love it. I love it all. And yet, I’d be lying if I said I can process all that this movie has to offer. I could see this being a movie that lots and lots of people will actively hate. And that’s cool. We’re all entitled to enjoy what we want to enjoy. But for me, there’s something so singular about its willful sense of strangeness, and I’m blown away by the chances that writer/director Leos Carax took with this piece of avant-garde cinema. I can’t really know how to describe this film, other than to say it feels like both a pleasant dream and a nightmare all at once, and the tone is operates in is mysterious as to never quite fully grasp the wavelength that Carax is working on. Just check out the trailer – you’ll know within seven or eight seconds if this is a motion picture worthy of hanging out with for two hours. The cinematography is consistently arresting and visually audacious, the performances are hilarious and purposefully bizarre, and the film is both threatening and inviting all at once – no easy feat to accomplish. Holy Motors is available on Blu-ray and comes with a massive recommendation, especially for those who dig adventurous filmmaking and storytelling.

Review by Nick Clement

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