Hollywood Props Up For Grabs Courtesy of the Prop Store


Me with the Batpod

A trip down to London was in order as our website sponsors Prop Store are holding a live entertainment auction on September 27 at the BFI IMAX in Waterloo.

In preparation for the event a mini-showcase of some of the items on sale to the public were displayed for all to see, admire and enjoy.

As we walked through the door, the batpod from The Dark Knight stood before us. This once working prop that has now since been decommisioned. Instantly gave me flashbacks to some of the most memorable scenes from The Dark Knight where the bike breaks free from the tumblr and whisks Batman away on a crazy street chase.


These costumes range from a full body Alien Suit, The Thing’s costume from The Fantastic Four and a Predator costume that stood head and shoulders in height almost guarding all of the treasures that surrounded them. If you have a spare £60,000 lying around you can pick up a Batman suit worn by Christian Bale in The Dark Knight to showcase in your house or man cave.

I was in my element surrounded in this circular museum of all things awesome. There were items from some of my favourite films such as Eddie Murphy’s police badge from Beverly Hills Cop to a Star Wars X-Wing with a price-tag that made my eyes water! There is something for everyone at this auction.


September 27 the auction at BFI Imax in Waterloo will commence, you can follow the auction at  propstore.com/liveauction

So whether you want to fill up a small cabinet or pimp out your man-cave; there really is something for everyone at this year’s Prop Store auction

Check out some of the incredible images below:

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