Hollywood Outlaw – The Mickey Rourke Story

Hollywood Outlaw Cover“Hollywood Outlaw: The Mickey Rourke Story” delves into the life of one of Hollywood’s  most talented yet unpredictable actors, from the reasons that drew him to acting, led him away from it and to understand the way the industry judged him and punished him for his outspokenness only to finally embrace his talent once again.

The book features thorough reviews of films throughout Mickey Rourke’s extensive career, detailed essays and submissions on the actor’s craft and career choices as well as an exclusive detailed personal inter-view conducted with Mickey Rourke himself.

For a book that avoids the tabloid headlines and sleaze excesses of some other publications, this is where you will find the truth behind one of the finest actors Hollywood created, turned its back on and which was forced to eventually welcome back again.

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We spoke to Saurav Dutt the author of the book to ask him a few questions :

What can film and Mickey Rourke fans expect from “Hollywood Outlaw: The Mickey Rourke Story”?

They can expect a no holds barred, highly detailed, personal and intelligent approach to the actors work-ALL his work, all the big hits, the marginal movies, the award winning roles and even those Rourke himself might not like to remember. We trace his ups and downs all with a huge critical eye towards the details that matter, featuring analysis of all his movie roles, his career decisions and the peaks and troughs of his varied career. You also get essays on his work, interviews and debates.

The reader will get insight and background into his career decisions, his boxing career, his acting teacher Sandra Seacat, detailed stories behind the making of some of his most critically lauded films and finally an interview with Mickey Rourke himself to close the book.

What can fans not expect?

If you want a sleazy tabloid tale about how many women Mickey Rourke has slept with, the dirt behind his marriages and his colorful personal life, then this isn’t the book for you. If you want a serious appraisal of the career of a troubled and brilliantly talented actor then you’re the kind of person I wrote this book specifically for.

What does this book add to your previous biography ‘Stand Alone: The Films Of Mickey Rourke’?

For starters it’s much longer. “Hollywood Outlaw” is some 400+ pages of the life and career of Mickey Rourke. No stone is left unturned to understand what drives him, to understand his career decisions and to provide an analytical approach to his career instead of a warts and all kind of biography. You’ll get a more detailed study of his life and career, the making of certain movies and of course tons of interviews and words from the man himself. This goes a lot further than my first biography, that’s why it was written-there was so much more to be told.


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