Hilariously British. The Driving Seat (Short Film) Review

the driving seat short film review

One Saturday morning, a middle-aged couple decide to make love in their car in the driveway to put a spark back in their marriage – only to find it has rather the opposite effect.

Hilariously British with a sensual quirky charm to it The Driving Seat is a refreshing nine minutes of naughty fun. You can see why this beautifully shot short-film has won numerous awards on the festival circuit. When a short finishes and your attention has been so captivated that you want to extend the film out and see what happens next is exactly what a short film should do but many lack that cutting edge. With The Driving Seat, I could see it being drawn out into a series! I was hooked, lined and sunk with two excellent performances from Janie Dee and James Lailey.

the driving seat short film

Hats off to all of those involved, it’s time to rewind and watch it all over again!

Director Phil Lowe said:

“I like to use comedy as a vehicle to get audiences to engage with themes that are more substantial than they might have expected; they think they’re watching a comedy, then on their way home find themselves having a serious discussion about what they’ve seen. This film started as a fairly light comic premise – a middle-aged couple deciding to have sex in their car – but as I worked on the script, and then rehearsed with the actors, we found that we were exploring something quite fundamental about long-term relationships. I hope that audiences will also find it equally funny and thought-provoking.”

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