Hilarious, Incredible and Powerful. The Disaster Artist Review.

The Disaster Artist Review

What a nice surprised it was earlier this week when I was invited to see a very early screening of The Disaster Artist starring James and Dave Franco. A movie spoof representation of the best, worst movie of all time The Room. A film that has gained a cult following over the years for it’s hilariously poor acting, directing, plot and well just about everything else. The Room was created by Tommy Wiseau, a man of mystery that funded his own dream when Hollywood laughed him out of every casting call he ever attended. The Disaster Artist took Tommy’s story and the abomination that is The Room and turned it into a thoroughly enjoyable, hilarious and dedicated piece of cinema where James Franco puts in his performance on-screen to date.

The Disaster Artist tells us the origins story of this bromance between Tommy Wiseau and his best friend and co-star in The Room, Greg Sestero. Tommy is a man who’s very peculiar in both appearance and approach, with a foreign accent who to this day no one knows where he came from or how he managed to have an endless supply of money to eventually self-fund the movie. Greg is the stark opposite of Tommy with great looks and that killer Hollywood smile. An unlikely friendship but one that is incredible to watch unfold on screen. Tommy and Greg met in acting class in 1998. Greg had the talent but was too nervous and Tommy had all the confidence in the world on stage but without the talent (sorry Tommy). They both shared a common goal of conquering Hollywood and fulfilling their American dream, the craziest thing about this story thou is that these guys made a horrible movie that is now a cult favourite and is still making money with dedicated screenings all over the globe of which Tommy and Greg still attend to this very day. After getting to Hollywood and facing rejection after rejection, they decide to conquer Hollywood in their own way and make their own film. The Room.

The Disaster Artist Review

James Franco is breathtaking in this movie. This performance could very-well earn Franco an Oscar. It really is uncanny and at the end of the movie scenes from the original film and the reproduction of scenes in The Disaster Artist are played side by side and it’s just scarily accurate. Every mannerism and deliverance of lines is a carbon copy replication of Tommy’s original performance.

Passion, comedy and an inspiring will to achieve no matter what skills you may or may not possess is a strong message projected throughout. It’s inspiring that the film focused on the positives rather than completely trashing the original movie. It paid respect to the good qualities that both Tommy and Greg so boldly possess. Tommy’s die-hard attitude who could brighten up any room and Greg’s passion and dedication to just up sticks and leave to LA with a complete stranger (albeit a friendly one).

Whilst The Disaster Artist doesn’t dwell on too many of the specifics, it kindly glosses over them and gives us the overview. Hitting us with comedic moments and a wacky approach whilst painting The Room in an abstract light.

The Disaster Artist Review

Before seeing The Disaster Artist I advise that you see The Room first. As soon as you’ve watched that movie you can fully appreciate just how truly brilliant The Disaster Artist really is. I’m rooting for an Oscar nod for James. A great guy, a guy who went out of his way to speak to me when the site was unknown and a man who puts in an incredibly powerful performance in this feature.

Go see The Disaster Artist NOW! Thank you to Cineworld Stoke for the screening and thank you to Warner Brothers for the invite!

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