Hi-Lo Joe – Indiegogo

Hi-Lo Joe crowdfunding on Indiegogo – a catchy rhyme don’t you think?

Hi-Lo Joe is  a romantic comedy with a psychological horror twist. The story of popular, funny and well-loved Joe Ridley. A 30 year old man who finally meets Elly, the woman of his dreams. They should live happily ever after, shouldn’t they? As Joe and Elly’s relationship develops, he finds it increasingly difficult to hide the dark thoughts tormenting his mind. As this causes their relationship to deteriorate so too does his mental state.

In a refreshing change of pace, the story presents us with depression from the “Hi” side as well as the “Lo.” As the euphoria of love meets the despairity of an unreconciled past, Hi-Lo Joe explores a man who lives in two worlds – when they finally collide, we can only watch and see which side will emerge at the finish line.

Hi-Lo Joe has a great cast lined up for you which are as follows –

Any help in supporting this film would be greatly appreciated as this film raises awareness of depression and really explores the inner reality of what it is like to cope with such a life changing illness.

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