Hercules Review

Lion Tamer

Hercules is definitely a movie that has everything an action movie should have. Violence, blood and for the first time no love interest for Hercules. But the only detail the audience learns about his past love life was that his wife and children were brutally murdered years ago.

When Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was announced that he would be playing the role as Hercules, some people thought he would not fit the part at all and others were thrilled to see how he would do as the half God and mortal. Johnson literally rocked (pun intended) the character Hercules. His acting and his extremely built frame (no special effects needed for that) won over the audience.

But Hercules was not the only character that the audience felt a connection with. Hercules’s group of friends and the ones who help him fight the good vs. evil made the plot much more interesting. His team ranged from a female who knows how to handle her own to a friend that can predict the future.

The movie is not only action packed but also it does have humor qualities to it as well. It’s the small one liners that made the audience laugh and be amused.

Special effects were also very well done. From the battle scenes to Hercules fighting off creatures during his twelve labors, the effects never disappoint.

Some critics argue that the movie did not follow the mythological legend of Hercules, it may not have followed it exactly but it is a movie that kept people entertained and cheering for the good guys!

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