Heavenly Sword the Movie?

Leading US distribution and production outfit TriCoast Worldwide is set to release a number of its top-line movies in the UK including the Digital and DVD Autumn 2014 release of HEAVENLY SWORD, the CGI animated film based on the best-selling Sony Video Game and featuring the voices of  Anna Torv, Alfred Molina and Thomas Jane.


Newly-formed TriCoast UK Ltd, has agreed digital, DVD and theatrical deals with a number of UK outfits. The Movie Partnership, led by Michael Lee and Peter Dutton, will handle all digital releases as well as manage all TriCoast’s TV sales.  Spirit Entertainment will be handling the DVD releases and all theatrical releases will be managed through UK industry veteran Martin Myers and film financier Bertrand Lipworth. Myers will also oversee airline sales for UK and Europe.

Further releases this Autumn include 2 Jacks, directed by British helmer Bernard Rose and starring Sienna Miller, Danny Huston and Jack Huston, Toolbox Murders 2 starring Bruce Dern,  award-winning family drama Among Ravens starring Amy Smart and 3 Nights in the Desert starring Vincent Piazza, Amber Tamblyn and Wes Bentley.

CEO of TriCoast Worldwide Strath Hamilton (pictured centre with TriCoast Chief Executive Officer Marcy Levitas Hamilton) said today:  “After twenty-eight years of producing movies and seven years distributing them in the USA and the rest of the world, we’re pleased to finally enter the UK market, where we’ve noted an upward trend in the distribution landscape, particularly the digital platforms, for good quality independent films”.

Acquisitions for TriCoast UK Ltd, will still be handled through the US acquisition team, headed by Daisy Hamilton.

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