Heavenly Sword Movie – Mini Review


So the 2007 video game of the same name finally get’s a movie counterpart but rather than complimenting the original piece, it tears to shreds every piece of magic that made the game so special.

The story has been drastically changed with Nariko and Kai hunting for a ‘Chosen One’ to give him the Heavenly Sword so he can defeat the even reign of Bohan. Now aside from the game the movie shows more locations but with graphics that look better suited to a PS1 game, already I’m struggling to pay much attention to a modern movie that somehow manages to look rubbish in comparison to a PS3 game made in 2007.

Bohan originally voiced by Andy Serkis in the game has been re-cast much like the rest of the cast and I can’t physically keep my eyes on the screen much longer, the game was such a solid enjoyable experience and this fast forwarding blocky paced movie is ruining everything I held dear about the game.

If you can watch the film longer for 10 minutes you did better than we did. Heavenly sword has been blunted, dulled and cast aside, there is nothing ‘heavenly’ about this movie that’s for sure.