Haunted – Interview with Freddie Fuller

securedownloadFreddie Fuller stars in the upcoming Steven Smith film Haunted he joins us to give us an idea of what the film is all about and what we can expect to see.

Can you tell us what Haunted is all about?

It’s a reality film if that makes sense real reactions the lot

Now after researching the film there was an unsuaul event where an actual ghostly appiration appeared on camera totally unscripted and unrelated to the film, could you describe what happened there?

The face appeared to me when I was on the train doing a lone vigil I’m not gonna lie I nearly had a heart attack I done some sort if scream lol what I’m not proud of

The film has a very raw blair witch feel to it, with the film being shot from a camera point perspective what films inspired you to make Haunted as it seems to have nods to the odd few here and there throughout the film?

Well im a actor and love horror films an was glad to be a part of it and also I wanted to prove there is no such things ghost


What has been the response from the people who have seen the film so far?

They have only seen clips so far I haven’t seen it yet I will see it when you all see it but my friends and family can not wait to see it DVD night round mine lol

Do you feel as thou independent horror is rising into a class of its own especially with great projects like Haunted out there?

There has been some great independent horrors with success so onwards an upwards it can only be a good thing 

Now Haunted has been released just in time for Hallowen on Amazon, Video on Demand, and even pre-ordersto be made, what words of encouragement would you give to potential buyers out there to persuade them to buy your film?

It’s a great real story real reactions real people some very scary parts speaking from the man who ran haha and if you want to see ghost an be scared on Halloween this will be a great start to the night 

All the best

Freddie fuller