Harry Potter Character Vault book review

Harry Potter Character VaultsFor a full indepth character profile on the beloved characters of Harry Potter then look no further than the Harry Potter Character Vault from Titan Books. Delivered by owl this huge visually stunning hardback book flew out of my fire place and destroyed a nearby vase!

Harry, Ron, Hermoine, Snape, Dumbledore, Voldemort, etc. All covered with in-depth facts, concept designs and costume artwork that reveal just how intricate and imaginative the costume makers were.

The book is insightful, well written and some of the images looking so polished and beautiful on the high quality glossy pages, a pride of place for anyones coffee table.

From the page to screen transition of costumes, makeup, hairstyling, and props, Character Vaults really gives you a behind the scenes look at the making of this wonderful franchise.


Included within the book are two pull-out posters: one featuring the Order of the Phoenix, and the other featuring the Death Eaters, both concealed in some built in magicians pockets that the book contains.

An excellent resource for fans of the Harry Potter film franchise, if you love costumes and the whole magic of the Harry Potter universe, then you will not be disappointed, just remember to practise your Quidditch catching skills when this baby flies through your fireplace.