Halloween 2 Maze Review at Universal Studios


As much as I wanted to keep the Halloween maze at Universal Halloween Horror Nights until Halloween itself I just couldn’t..

Last year Universal brought the return of Michael Myers to a Halloween maze and it was an overwhelming success. Speaking with the staff involved it was because of that success and the idea of already having Freddy VS Jason that led them to making this year a horror all stars of sorts. Sequels certainly have a name for them themselves but one that has a positive name for itself is Rick Rosenthal’s Halloween 2. Although filmed 3 years later Halloween 2 is a superb follow up to John Carpenter’s Halloween that once again has our favorite final girl facing off against her brother Michael in a Hospital just mere hours after the events of the first film.

Halloween has a special place for horror films and once again Universal nails it. What most people don’t know is Halloween 2 was made and produced under the Universal logo. The maze starts out kind of where the first film ends in the Myers house. Quickly the maze turns into Haddonfield Menorial hospital and they re create so many infamous death scenes including the hot tub kill.

It’s incredibly fun and it’s nice to see so many Michael Myers in play. It’s even better than last years maze and Universal kept upping the maze with more Michaels as it got closer to Halloween. 

Check out the walkthrough video from Theme Park Review:

Review by Kory Davis