Half Time and Down Review

Half Time & Down Film Teaser – Mark-John Ford from Mark-John Ford on Vimeo.

Half Time and Down is a Comedy short about a Sunday league football team made up of misfits who are 6-0 down at half time. The manager enters the dressing room to carnage, confusion and mayhem.

This 20 minute short is hilarious, all focused around the pre match team talk and the half time team talk, the manager of Stanley Beavers FC Bob, played by Tom Davis, is hammering home his feelings to the players, his inspired speech proves useless as the team let’s in six goals by the time the half time whistle blows.

Half Time and Down

A flustered Bob then lets his rage loose on a team of fat guys, pot smokers, old timers and tries his upmost best to rally this group to score seven in the second half with hilarious consequences. Twenty minutes of swearing and ripping into his players is funny to watch and this kind of behaviour wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if it actually happened at certain football clubs. I can imagine the Crewe Alexandra boss going through these kind of motions on a week by week basis considering their recent form !

One of the funniest shorts i’ve seen for a while and one to watch if you’re a football fan, Half Time and Down is witty, hilariously abusive and in a weird way self motivating, go out there and win the second half lads. You can do it !

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