Greenway Entertainment signs first 2 films

Greenway Entertainment has set up it own distribution company that will
release 10 – 15 titles per year under it’s own brand name. They are actively
seeking new content from new and exciting filmmakers.

Greenway Entertainment’s first 2 films: “LEAD ME TO THE DARK” By
award winning short filmmaker James Twyman and “SIMON” by Debut
feature filmmaker Warren Badenski, Starring Chris Bell, Katie Alexander-
Thom, Dean Martin, Nathaniel Francis, Lexi Wolfe, will both be released in
2015 with a synced Theatrical, DVD, Blu-Ray and VOD synched Worldwide

Writer, Director, Steven M. Smith said, “I am very pleased to announce we
have signed “LEAD ME TO THE DARK” and “SIMON” as our first films for
distribution. I set up Greenway Entertainment Distribution because I have
seen so many great indie micro-budget films that never get released. I
wanted to get these RARE micro films released for everyone to see that
indie film making talent is out there and deserves a place alongside megabudget
movies. We aim to build a fan base in the style of Comic Con and
bypass the Hollywood system and middlemen that destroy some
filmmakers dreams.

Both “LEAD ME TO THE DARK” and “SIMON” will have
limited cinema releases in UK synced with a same day DVD, Blu-Ray and
VOD release Worldwide. I am looking for partnerships to grow and create a
positive relationship and franchises.

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