Grab a Beer The Party Is About to Get Started! Alpha House Review



Finally a film is back in the public eye that has the snazz of American Pie, the cheesiness of Road Trip, the antics of Harold and Kumar and the nudity of Playboy. Welcome to Alpha House!

This film makes American Pie look like a Disney Movie.

When the biggest party frat on campus (ALPHA HOUSE) is forced by the assistant dean to share their house with a sorority or face ejection from school, the boys wage an epic battle of the sexes to fight for their right to party.

Now I’m 22 years old so just to clear this up for anyone who may not like this film, the film contains nudity, partying, college frat boy antics and everything that most 22 year old males are naturally interested in. This film may not be for everyone but I have a soft spot for teen comedy and no matter what anyone throws at me I tend to love them all. Let the party begin…

Alpha House is what you expect of a teen comedy, it has all the elements, the frat boy humour, beautiful women, partying and all out crudeness. The acting is a lot to be desired from the males but thank god its a frat boy comedy so acting is not necessary, if you’re filming party scenes with beautiful women, how much acting do you really need to do.. seriously? The women however, they can act ! I don’t need to mention any names in particular because anyone watching this can clearly see the women have clearly more acting experience than their male counterparts.


Now I thought American Pie showed a fair amount of nudity but this one blows (excuse the pun) that out of the water. Every single girl in the movie gets naked including a rather interesting work out by the beautiful Mindy Robinson as the guys are plotting to get rid of the girls in every frat boy way possible.

The storyline is very brief like many of its teen comedy counterparts but as the film draws its half way point there is still some elemental magic missing. The lead male characters don’t provide a strong enough performance for me to relate too so some of the dialogue and scenes seem a little mundane. American Pie has Stifler as its lead character that gels the friends together, there is no lead character in this movie which is a shame, there isn’t a strong enough performance in the movie for me to go wow.. that guy is awesome ! The acting doesn’t really come into play as you can still relate to the characters, its basically like watching a group of your friends on screen for the first time that is the only way I can describe it, its more true to life than acting.


All of that aside, the film is fun and it is funny in parts none-the-less. It’s a perfect film to watch at a party, or even with a group of friends and some beers. Its a party and you’re invited! It’s no Playboy party but it sure as hell contains all the ingredients needed for a great teen comedy.