Gory new Fear Clinic Images released !

 Fear Clinic is an upcoming 2014 feature film by Robert Green Hall, based upon the webseries of the same name. The movie, which was partially funded through crowdsourcing, stars Robert Englund as the psychiatrist that tries to cure phobias by using extreme methods. The film’s release date is tentatively slated to release during October 2014 as a theatrical film, VOD and DVD.

The film has just released two new fright tastic images from the upcoming movie, Fangoria got the exclusive scoop on these two amazing pictures. A little taster of whats to come from Robert Hall and his amazing team of SPFX artists including a grand return for FX artist Steve Johnson (NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, THE ABYSS, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA) back working on his first movie in seven years !

Fear Clinic Still Fear Clinic still 2 [xyz-ihs snippet=”ContentClickAd”]