GoCustomized Phone Case Review

The guys over at GoCustomized reached out and asked me if I would be interested in reviewing their customised product service. Ranging from phone cases and holders of various styles and materials GoCustomized offer a variety of products to suit all phone styles and all budgets. I’m still living in the olden days and have an iPhone 5S  so I hopped onto the website and started to design my own silicone case for my antique phone.

Let the Designing Begin

GoCustomized Review

The GoCustomized designer is very easy to use. After choosing the colour you’d be your case to be you have the option to upload your own photos from your computer, from FaceBook or even from Instagram. In addition to the custom uploads, you have a variety of templates and designs that have been pre-made for you to select from. You can opt to have text added to your phone to really enhance that personalised feel. When looking through the variety of cases I personally loved the look of the wooden cases. To have them customised would be a pretty cool and unique item to own.

Instead of the pre-set templates, I opted to have my Alien Covenant face-hugger attack picture printed on the case. I did originally have the image you see above but decided to add a Back to the Movies logo onto it to add that official look.

You can rotate the image you’ve uploaded, zoom in to make sure all the corners are covered with the image and you’re good to go. You can then proceed to hit the save button and then choose from a variety of shipping options. For £14.99 you can have a custom made phone case and I think that’s quite a good deal for what you’re getting, which is a one of a kind item (if you are using custom photos of course).

The Case Arrives

GoCustomized Review

Small enough to fit through my letterbox my GoCustomized case landed on my doorstep a matter of days later. I opened the packaging and was very impressed with what I saw. The photo that I sent in was actually a screenshot and not a high-quality image so I was worried the print would be terrible. Thankfully, the print quality was actually really good quality. The cases themselves are what you’d expect from a website like this. The cases are the kind of cases you’d probably see hanging on a market stall priced at £2 but you’re paying for customisation rather than material quality. If material quality is something of interest then there are more expensive types of cases available including hard cases, leather cases and the wooden cases I mentioned previously.

Overall I was very happy with the GoCustomized case and I’d thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking to add some unique flair to their personal items.

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  • Michael Rego says:

    GoCustomized is a terrible company with bad customer service and very slow delivery times – do not use this company

  • Back to the Movies says:

    Sucks that you had a bad experience with them Michael. They were very friendly and helpful to me and the item arrived very quickly hence this honest review. I had no problems.