Gingerclown Auction – LIVE

The Movie Prop Warehouse Gingerclown auction is now LIVE, we wanted to share with you a small collection of some of the amazing items you can grab from this movie !

All of the items below can be purchased from The Movie Prop Warehouse click the images to be taken to the purchase page.


Costume worn by Erin Hayes as Jenny. The costume consists of denim shorts, belt, vest and cardigan.


HPIM1337 (2)-500x500

HPIM1310 (3)-500x500





Giant animatronic WormCreature Monster Head (Brad Dourif). This was the only Worm Creature Head made by the production and a Grays Sports Almanac as seen in the Back to the Future films. From Sams (Ashley Luke Lloyd) back pack.






Giant Animatronic Braineater Monster head (Lance Henriksen). This was the only Braineater head made by the Production.