Gingerclown 3D props – FOR SALE

gingerclown_engThe Movie Prop Warehouse have acquired the set of Gingerclown, a horror comedy in the style of the 80s. There was no CGI used in the film, all the creatures were fully animatronic.
The Movie Prop Warehouse have all the animatronic monster heads and costumes as well as several set dressing pieces including the Back to the Future Sports Almanac seen in the trailer and a Freddy Glove!
The film sees Tim Curry play the lead character Gingerclown, and its the first time since Stephen Kings IT that he has played a Clown in a horror movie! Along side Tim, genre favorites, Lance Henriksen, Brad Dourif, Sean Young and Michael Winslow complete the cast.


The film will be released by Anchor Bay in the UK January 13th, which is when listings will begin. Lionsgate are distributing in the US but they don’t seem to have a release date yet.
There will be approx. 40 items listed for sale over a one week period.

Prices start from £20 up to £2000.

Back to the Movies will be running a Facebook competition VERY SOON to win some DIRECTOR SIGNED posters !