Giffgaff House of Horror short film

Shot inside a derelict Grade II listed mansion Ninian Doff was challenged to create an immersive short film entitled ‘House of Horror’ to reveal the everyday fears of GiffGaff members.

The five main fears that were brought up in the survey are as follows:

1.    Politicians …enough said

2.    Social media games / requests/ tagging …”you’ve been tagged” (queue stomach churning)

3.    Sandals and sandals …yuk

4.    Voicemails from your mother …we all love our mum but she can’t half natter on message

5.    Phone battery dying …the red bar of fear

6.    Phone contracts …and what’s more scary than being tied down, unable to move for two whole years?

We think they’ve done a great job of piecing this little montage of fear together, and for those of you who would like to be cured of your phobias, I’m sure the Fear Clinic will be shortly taking more admissions.